CHEK high school Bible courses at grades 10 and 11 are designed to give the student a comprehensive knowledge of Bible content and provide the Biblical foundation for the challenging crosscurrents of thought which are encountered in the modern world and are presented as part of Bible 12. Both Bible 10 and Bible 11 were developed by CHEK personnel who have years of formal training in Biblical studies. The main developer of Bible 10 and 11 was trained in the original languages of Hebrew and Greek and represents the scholarship that is consistent with historic Biblical Christianity. These Bible courses prepare the Christian student to intelligently meet modern culture which has abandoned the Biblical foundation on which Western Society has been built and which has characterized that society for 2000 years. These courses further prepare the student to understand world views within the context of a Christian understanding of the world. BIBLE 12 is designed to enable the student to understand Biblical faith as an entire world view, a perspective on all of life. The course introduces the student to the great issues being debated in the world today. The student is challenged to reflect on the fact that these issues do not, for the most part, reflect the clash of world views found in traditional religions and cultures but rather a clash between classic Christian theism and naturalism both in its Modernist and Post Modernist forms. In considering this clash the student is challenged to consider that the Christian world view is the only rationally sustainable way to understand the universe.